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"If all our bottles have one thing in common, beyond their character, their aromatic concentration, it is perhaps this finesse, immediate, bountio in Ivresses, evident in aging with One and a Thousand Nights and Maghani, a finesse born of the terroir and surely of the way of working it for nearly twenty years." Marc Valette, winemaker Domaine Canet Valette

AOP Saint-Chinian Wines - South of France

Organic wines - 18 hectares

Terroirs: clay-limestone

Village: Stop on Orb

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Domaine Canet Valette : MV

Domaine Canet Valette

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Domaine Canet-Valette :...

Domaine Canet-Valette :...

Domaine Canet-Valette :...

Domaine Canet-Valette : Une...

Domaine Canet-Valette : Une...

The real thing, the wine, the life...

An 18-hectare estate, planted at 80 % Syrah where grapes are harvested at maturity. The cellar was built on a hillside, on three levels to use gravity. Thus, at the various stages of winemaking, it circulates without the need for complicated machinery. The highly structured wines go well with spicy cuisine. One of the cuvées is named after Maghani, in homage to the Middle Ages Arab poet Omar Khayyam, who sang the pleasures of wine.