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Signs Maison Des Vins de Saint-Chinian

Legal status and social capital Association

Name Responsible First Name Guiraud Pompilia, as President

Head office 1 Charles Trenet Avenue

Zip code 34360

City St. Chinian

Country France

Phone 0467381169

Fax 0467381633


Website www.en/

Opening hours 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in season

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On behalf of all the Winemakers of the SAINT-CHINIAN RAW, let me welcome you to our website Through him, we want you to discover 500 talented winemakers who offer to deliver you directly to your home or allow you to give a gift to your friends. Most of the cru SAINT-CHINIAN estates have prepared a selection of their best vintages, all from cru SAINT-CHINIAN. These wines are packaged in cases of 6 or 12 bottles and are reserved for sale online in metropolitan France. The delivery fee is displayed in the shopping cart. We would be happy to meet your expectations. Also, for any comment, question or comment, you can contact us by email: This email is protected from bots collecting emails, your browser must accept Javascript to see it . For more information on online sales follow the following links: About payment security: transactions are made on our bank's secure server, CREDIT AGRICOLE. General Terms of Sale: For any other question, write to us on This email is protected from bots collecting emails, your browser must accept Javascript to see it.

Thank you for your interest and good visit.

General Terms of Sale

House of Wines

1 Charles Trenet Avenue

34360 St. Chinian


Siret 42215608300012

Intra-Community VAT: FR 804 221 560 83

Business Contact: Tel./Fax: (-33) (0) this email is protected from bots, your browser must accept Javascript to see it.


The www.en/ website was designed by the association UPV La Maison des Vins, which owns and holds all the related rights. Unless previously and expressly authorized by the association La Maison des Vins, it is forbidden to copy, download all or part of the Site or its contents. The House of Wines, however, allows the creation of hyperlinks to the Site.


Article 1 - Acceptance of these terms and conditions

The fact that a user fills out the purchase order on the Site and confirms the order (by clicking on the "Confirmation of the order" button provided for this purpose), is worth full acceptance of these General Conditions, which will only be applicable to the contract thus concluded.

Article 2 - Order Confirmation and Contract Conclusion

The Site contains at any time a commercial proposal for the sale of products, which is not legally considered a permanent offer. Thus, as will be explained below, the conclusion of a contract will only take place if the order is confirmed by La Maison des Vins. After validation of the payment, in accordance with Article 3 of these General Conditions, the order is deemed accepted by the House of Wines. The House of Wines will then confirm the acceptance of the order to the user, at its choice by one of the following means: e-mail, telephone, fax or mail. This confirmation, or if any, the refusal to accept an order will be confirmed to the user no later than 24 hours after receiving an order. The House of Wines also reserves the possibility of not registering a payment and therefore not confirming an order for any reason, particularly due to a product supply problem, a problem with the order received, or a foreseeable problem regarding the delivery to be made.

Article 3 - General Obligations of the Parties

3.1 The House of Wine Bonds:

The House of Wines undertakes, in the event of acceptance of an order, to sell and have the user deliver the Wines (the "Products") ordered by the user. In this regard, The House of Wines undertakes to hand over the products to the carrier designated by La Maison des Vins after the acceptance of an order. The House of Wines has entered into a contract with this carrier under which the latter undertakes to deliver the products at the address indicated by the customer (the "Client").

3.2. User obligations:

The Customer agrees to provide La Maison des Vins with an address at which delivery can be made during business hours. The Customer undertakes to pay the price stipulated for the service of La Maison des Vins (price of products and transport), as well as to pay or to have paid, if necessary, directly to the forwarder or carrier, customs duties, VAT or other taxes due on the importation of the Products in the country of the place of delivery.

The Customer does not resell the Products. Any order placed by a Customer is for personal use or for the personal use of the person in whose name the delivery is to be made. In the latter case, the Customer is very concerned about the personal acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the recipient of the delivery (which for this will be equated with the "Client").

Article 4 - Specific Provisions

4.1. Price, invoice:

The overall price indicated in the confirmation of order La Maison des Vins (the "Price") is the final price. The prize is expressed in Euros.

4.2. Payment:

The payment of the Products is only by credit card. The debit on the Customer's bank card will be made in Euros when the order is accepted by La Maison des Vins An invoice can be drawn up by the respective winemakers, at the specific request of the Customer who will have to indicate the sending address of the invoice.

4.3. Order:

The order, depending on the stocks available, must comply strictly with the offer and in particular the formats, quantities proposed and deadlines.

4.4. Transportation - Delivery - Delivery times:

Products are delivered to the delivery address indicated in the order within one (3) to nine (9) business days from the confirmation of the order, unless the payment has not been made for any reason. The time frames provided by La Maison des Vins to the Customer vary depending on the place of delivery, and by country. These are listed as an indication on the Site, the House of Wines cannot be responsible for exceeding the indicative deadlines given on the Site or when confirming the order.

In the absence of the recipient or a person who can take possession of the Products during delivery, the carrier will file a notice of passage at the delivery address indicated by the Customer inviting the Customer to withdraw the Products. Under no circumstances can the House of Wines be responsible for any deterioration of the Products in the event of a late withdrawal of these products from the carrier, or a non-removal of the Products by the Customer.

4.5. Transfer of Risks:

The transfer of risks on the Products takes place as soon as the products are handed over by the Wine House to the carrier.

Thus, the Products travel at the customer's peril.

4.6. Reservations at Receipt of Products - Refund/Replacement Limiting Cases:

The Customer may only issue reservations during the delivery of the Products in the event of delivery that does not conform quantitatively to the order, or in the event that the package containing the Products is severely damaged. These reservations must be made in writing with the carrier upon delivery, or no later than 12 hours after delivery. A copy of these reserves must be sent to the House of Wines

- by mail at: La Maison des Vins, 1 Avenue de la promenade, 34360 Saint-Chinian,

- by email to this email This email is protected from bots collecting emails, your browser must accept Javascript to see it,

- by phone at (0)

12 hours after these reservations have been made. It is up to the Customer to provide with this shipment to The House of Wines the confirmation by the carrier of the reality of these reserves. If the above procedure has been followed, and if it is thus proven that the reservations are due to the fact that the package and the products are heavily damaged, The House of Wines, at its choice, will refund the customer the price paid or will make a new delivery of similar products.

If the delivery does not conform quantitatively to the Order, The Wine House will only refund the price difference between the products ordered and those delivered, of course, only if the products delivered are priced less than those ordered and paid for. No reservations can be made in relation to the taste, appearance or freshness of the products.

4.7. Takeover of the goods:

A retraction option is offered to the purchaser under section L121-16 of the consumer code.

Upon receipt of the goods, the goods have 14 working days to return, in good condition and in their original packaging with the original invoice, the product to the seller and ask for the exchange or refund. The buyer who uses this ability will have the obligation to proceed under his responsibility and at his expense, upon return of the goods to the address of our administrative headquarters.

The Wine House - 1 Avenue of 34360 St. Chinian Drive.

The refund will take place within 30 days of this refund.

The House of Wines will only cover the return costs (at the current base rate) if the following two conditions are carried out cumulatively:

- the delivery proves to be non-compliant with the order,

- you have made reservations with the carrier and have sent us a copy of these reserves (see 4.6).

4.8. Guarantee - Limitation

The House of Wines guarantees that the products are made in France and that they have been the subject of all necessary care to ensure their compliance with the description that appears on the Site on the date of the order.

The House of Wines also guarantees that the products are of very good quality and are fresh when handed over to the carrier. This is the only guarantee granted by La Maison des Vins.

No other express or tacit guarantees are granted. In particular, the House of Wines cannot guarantee that the products will meet the specific expectations of the Customer.

4.9. Responsibility - Limitation of Responsibility

The Customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, their preservation from delivery and their use. In this regard, the Customer's attention is drawn to the fact that he should not consume the Products beyond the deadlines indicated on the labelling, nor if it appears that the Products are deteriorated (due to heat, problems during transport or any other cause).

Under no circumstances could the House of Wines be held responsible for any damage that would cause this fact.

Similarly, the Saint-Chinian wine house could not be made responsible for non-compliance with the laws or regulations in force in the country of delivery, La Maison des Vins being solely responsible for complying with French regulations on products.

In any event, whatever the possible reason for the liability, the responsibility of La Maison des Vins is limited to the smallest of the following two sums: (i) amount of direct damage suffered by the Customer, or (ii) price of the order.

4.10. Data privacy:

In order to meet your needs and ensure optimal remote service, we are required to record certain items concerning you (name, first name, address).

Under the Computer and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and correct the recorded data. You can also have them rectified by contacting: The House of Wines of Saint-Chinian- 1 avenue of 34360 St. Chinian Drive.



If any of these Terms and Conditions were to be declared unenforceable or invalidated for any reason, this disability or inapplicability will not affect the application or validity of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the invalid or deemed unenforceable being replaced by the nearest possible provision. Neither the House of Wines nor the Client can be held responsible for any non-performance that would originate in a case of force majeure, beyond its control, including, without limitation, cases of war, riot, insurrection, interruption of transport, import or export problem, strike, lockout, shortage, fire, earthquake , storms, floods.

These General Terms are governed exclusively by French law. The Courts of Paris will be the sole jurisdiction over any dispute or dispute concerning them.

For more information, please contact Véronique Etienne-Chalier.

The House of Wines - 1 Avenue of 34360 St. Chinian Drive

Tel: 33 (0)



Protection of minors: in accordance with Article L. 3342-1 of the Public Health Code, which stipulates that the sale of alcohol to minors under the age of sixteen (16) is prohibited, you undertake, by completing the purchase order, to be sixteen (16) years old at the date of the order.

Alcohol abuse: Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health. Know how to consume and enjoy in moderation.

"To the extent that you agree to receive a reminder of the merchant's assessment via the Trusted Shops rating system, in relation to the relevant order, we forward your email address to Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15c, 50823 Cologne, so that Trusted Shops will send you a reminder email after 7 days. This consent can be revoked at any time with effect coming to the email address"